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Lloyd - Australia 1896 Antique Print. Dama Wallaby

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Archived Product
This is a sold item and has been left in the Public Domain for research purposes. Images are available for public use with an acknowledgement to www.albion-prints.com. For similar active items, please go to the home page or use the search facility.

Product Description
Antique Chromolithograph Published 1894-97, London for "Lloyds's Natural History. A Hand-Book to the Marsupialia and Monotremata" Edited by R. Bowdler Sharpe, W. F. Kirby, H. O. Forbes, R. Lydekker, and W. R. Olive-Grant. Illustrated after Keulemans, Gould and others. Lithographed by Wyman & Sons.

Paper Size: 7 x 5 inch (18 x 12.5cm)